We Became Demon Lord Apprentice in Another World!

This is volume 2 of the “Our House was Summoned to Another World!” light novel series.

Yuki receives another love letter— or so he thought because the sender is the demon lord announcing that he and Katsumi have been selected to become demon lord apprentice together! Attached is a manual for a shady ritual that they are expected to perform. 

On top of that, Enolina-sensei enrolls all of Heronia Academy’s students at a new noble academy. For girls, that is. The unsuspecting Yuki is handed a suspicious potion that takes care of the girl part.

Genres of this light novel series include isekai, fantasy, romance, comedy, harem, game, action, ecchi, magic, school and demons.

Seeker, Vol. 2

Roger and Lili are on the way to Crystalreach in the Asmein territory to escape to the elven realm, Ehoya. But crossing the ocean into unknown territory is a worrisome task. Just what will await them there? Will the elves welcome them or will a repeat of the incident in the human realm, Alurona, occur?

There is only one path Roger can take as a Seeker and it leads to the next ancient magic spell waiting for him in the mysterious Ehoya, accompanied by Lili, the last surviving demon from ancient times.

Genres of this light novel series include fantasy, adventure, demons, romance, magic, drama and action.

The Fruits of the Hero's Deeds in Azuvatier City,
Vol. 1

A vampire girl begging for blood as a profession, a little girl born in the slums facing her twisted fate, and a not-so-noble noble thief with a little secret…

The city of Azuvatier is a place for many kinds of people. But among all citizens, there is one existence that stands out, Azuvatier’s hero.

It is said the hero has received wealth, status and a godlike power as a reward for saving the goddess Athena’s life. But with great power comes great responsibilities. One of those is to deal with the city’s dark past that everyone seems to have forgotten.

Genres of this light novel series include fantasy, mystery, vampire, action, magic, comedy and romance.

Our House was Summoned to Another World!

The shut-in Yuki Sakurai had received the first love letter of his life. This could certainly be called a miracle and for it to occur, it seemed he had used up all luck he had.

Just shortly after reading the letter, he and his little sister Katsumi find themselves stuck inside a dungeon cell. Apparently their house had merged with a throne room of another world and the king was not amused for some reason.

Genres of this light novel series include isekai, fantasy, romance, comedy, harem, game, action, ecchi, magic, school and demons.

Seeker, Vol. 1

The day Roger Persefall turned twenty, his life changed forever, unwillingly and cruelly. He had awoken as a Seeker.

It has been five years since then and Roger is painfully aware of his fate. His inner nature drives him to seek ancient spells, powerful magic that appeared over seven hundred years ago. Seen as criminals, they need to live in hiding, isolated from others, while continuing their journey of finding and deciphering ancient spells.

Through odd twists of fate, Roger one day ends up unsealing the last remaining queen of the demon race that had perished over a thousand years ago in the Great Purification War. He is faced with a demon, a said manslaughterer and the most feared existence from the distant past. Luckily, the demon girl loses consciousness shortly after they meet. But because of his circumstances as a Seeker, he is forced to make a decision and ends up taking the demon with him.

But was it the right decision to make? Will his new companion turn out to be a curse or a blessing?

Seeker takes you on a journey full of fantasy, adventure, demons, romance, magic, drama and action.

Help! My Little Sister is Disappearing!

Discover the secrets of this world…
One day, Hinata’s little sister, Asuka, starts disappearing from everyone else’s world except her brother’s. Soon, Hinata discovers he is the only one who can still see and even remember her. Her friends, classmates and fellow students have forgotten her very existence. Even if Asuka stood directly in front of them, they wouldn’t realize. Join Hinata on his journey to uncover the secrets of this world, the very cause of Asuka’s disappearance.

Will he manage to save her? 

How will their fates unfold? 

This unique novel finds a well balanced mix of genres including romance, mystery, psychological and supernatural.