Who is Azure Whitewood?

I'm a passionate author specialized in writing English light novels. Genres for current and future works include romance, fantasy, magic, adventure, action, drama, mystery, psychological, school, slice-of-life and supernatural.

What is a light novel?

A light novel is a style of Japanese novel targeting teenagers and young adults. They are designed to be a quick and easy read; hence the name. Since the Japanese language allows for higher information density in writing, Japanese light novels are usually published in A6 (10.5 cm x 14.8 cm) which is quite small. However, the English translation is usually published in A5 or similar with about 200 pages in average. The word count usually is around 50,000 words. So, while the term light novel suggests, it is a lighter version of a full-fledged novel, in terms of length, it easily can be considered equivalent to a standard novel. So what is the difference?

Apart from the already mentioned target group and the high readability, you can tell them apart by looking at the cover. A light novel almost certainly has an anime-styled illustration as the cover. Additionally, you’ll find colored illustrations on the first few pages and black and white ones spread out across the whole novel. But as there are always exceptions, there are light novels that don’t have anime-style illustrations or differ in length greatly. But that’s not all. The content of light novels is also different in comparison to standard novels. You’ll encounter a wider range of genres such as isekai (different world) or game. Japanese light novels also are strongly tied to anime, manga and visual novels since they are often adapted into one or more of the other mediums. So if you discover light novels for yourself, also take a look at the other formats.

Why light novels?

When I first entered the unique world of Japanese fiction, I was fascinated by how vast and different it was from what I knew back then. And eventually, after years of exploring this new world, I realized that I wanted to create my own works of fiction. I always liked the idea of creating fictional worlds. Worlds where everything is possible, where characters come to life. And so I decided that I wanted to write. With just a pen and paper (or rather keyboard and a word processor), I could go anywhere. Nothing is holding me back but my own creativity.

Most light novels are written in Japanese and just a selected few are then translated into English and published for the western world to read. That means that a vast majority of Japanese light novels is not accessible to most of the world. I want to change that. I want to bring the experience of light novels to people outside of Japan. I want people to discover the wonderful world that is waiting for them.

Where can I find out more?

On this website, you can have a look at my published books and if you’re interested in one of them, just follow the link to Amazon. And as a side note: You can follow authors on Amazon.

I also have a blog where I cover topics related to writing, such as tips, my workflow and other interesting things.

On Twitter, I’ll provide regular updates concerning my current writing projects, so if that sounds interesting, please consider following me.

In case you want to contact me for any reason, I can refer you to my Twitter or the contact page on this website.