How I wrote my light novel The Fruits of the Hero’s Deeds in Azuvatier City, Vol. 1

How I wrote my light novel The Fruits of the Hero’s Deeds in Azuvatier City, Vol. 1

As usual, I’m writing a blog post about my experience with writing my recent light novel. And here it is!

But first, I’ll paste the blurb here so that you have an idea of what this light novel is about!

The Fruits of the Hero’s Deeds in Azuvatier City, Vol 1’s Blurb

A vampire girl begging for blood as a profession, a little girl born in the slums facing her twisted fate, and a not-so-noble noble thief with a little secret…

The city of Azuvatier is a place for many kinds of people. But among all citizens, there is one existence that stands out, Azuvatier’s hero.

It is said the hero has received wealth, status and a godlike power as a reward for saving the goddess Athena’s life. But with great power comes great responsibilities. One of those is to deal with the city’s dark past that everyone seems to have forgotten.

Genres of this light novel series include fantasy, mystery, vampire, action, magic, comedy and romance.

The beginning of my journey

It’s been 2 days since The Fruits of the Hero’s Deeds in Azuvatier City, Vol. 1 released and it took me way too long to get there. After writing Seeker, Vol. 1 and Our House was Summoned to Another World! I felt the need for another light novel series before continuing with sequels. There were quite a few things I haven’t tried out yet, and after writing this light novel, there still are some things left, but I think I have done most of what I wanted to do.

With that said, The Fruits of the Hero’s Deeds in Azuvatier City, Vol. 1 is written in present tense and uses a non-chronological way to tell the story. In addition, the focus of this light novel series is not so much on the protagonist but on the lives of all main characters.

But there are also similarities, such as the use of multiple point of view characters that tell a scene from their own perspective. I also put in a mix of light-hearted/comedic and serious parts. But in comparison to Our House was Summoned to Another World!, the focus is on the latter.

However, from the start in November last year to now, it took about half a year. That’s about a quarter of a year too long!

But at least the reason is simple to explain. Deciding on my third light novel series was hard. Before I start a fourth light novel series, I want to finish with all or some of those three series first and take everything I’ve learned to write my fourth. So I had to make sure, that I’m absolutely nailing the selection of my third series.

Because of this pressure, I ended up working on not just The Fruits of the Hero’s Deeds in Azuvatier City, but also on 6 other ideas, for 3 of them I started writing the manuscript, and 1 was an idea I had while thinking up Seeker.

I’m not sure if one of those ideas will end up seeing the light some day, but I definitely liked them, so maybe it will happen.

However, as it turned out, I decided on The Fruits of the Hero’s Deeds in Azuvatier City in the end. I definitely wanted to have a cute vampire in it and have many different characters whose lives I can explore! And this idea happens to be just that.

My writing workflow

Naturally, in the course of all of those months, I learned a lot and improved upon my workflow.

I now go through the following stages to complete a novel:

  1. Idea Stage
  2. Blueprint Stage
  3. Writing Stage
  4. Polishing Stage
  5. Proofreading Stage
  6. Publishing Stage

In addition to those 6, there’s a 0. Reiteration Stage which involves reading the previous volume of a series, correcting mistakes, taking notes, updating my outlining document, and gathering ideas for the sequel. That’s the stage I’m entering today in order to write Seeker, Vol. 2!

During writing, I now do something I came up with a fancy name for called Immersive Writing. It’s basically role-playing a character and then writing everything down from their perspective while keeping the overall story in mind.
For scenes which are more difficult to write, I use the bullet pointing technique I developed when writing Seeker, Vol. 1 which involves writing the scene in bullet points first and then converting it into novel format.

I also do something similar during editing which I’ve called Immersive Editing! I think you can guess what that means. Anyway, I love coming up with fancy names for my workflow.

How things will continue

The plan is to cycle through my three series in release order and append one sequel each time. Of course, since Seeker is my first series, I’m starting with Seeker, Vol. 2!

This time, I want to make sure to do it more quickly since I don’t want to take years to finish all three series. I also have grounds to believe that writing a sequel is a lot less time consuming since the world and main characters are all set up for the most part.

The plan is to release one sequel each month which sounds tough and it probably is, but that’s my ambition for now. As the upper bound I would name 3 months since I have written my first light novel in that amount of time from scratch. Doing a sequel in that amount of time should be pretty easy. So expect something in the realm of 1-3 months until Seeker, Vol. 2 comes out!

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Thank you for reading!