My next light novel and things beyond!

My next light novel and things beyond!

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It has been two days since my newest light novel Our House was Summoned to Another World! was officially released! I’d like to thank you all for the tremendous support I received after only two days!

But now it is time to move forward to my next project. I decided that I will start one last series before I begin writing the sequel for Seeker. There are a few reasons for this which I’ll detail in the following section.

Why I’m Starting a Third Light Novel Series

For me it is important to have a wide range of genres, worlds and possibilities with my writing. I like watching and reading a multitude of genres, so I don’t want to limit myself to just one series for the coming years.

Another reason is that I want to expand my horizon a bit more before diving into writing a sequel which will be my first time doing that.
With Seeker I have covered focusing on the special relationship between Roger and Lili. It is a serious story with lots of mystery and a darker tone. There will be many hardships awaiting the two.
With Our House was Summoned to Another World!, I went a very different direction and focused on comedy and a less serious and more lighthearted story.
And now yet again, I want to go a different route than the previous two series with my third.

With all of my series, I also make sure that I have a very different writing aspect to it. Seeker is third-person limited, Our House was Summoned to Another World! is multiple narrator first-person and my third series most likely will take a different approach yet again. I say most likely because it is not set in stone yet. I have an idea and are elaborating on it, but I’m not finished yet.

My first two series also differ in terms of how to think about the story. Seeker is a very linear story and while I have to consider what happens alongside Roger’s path, only his perspective is shown. In Our House was Summoned to Another World! I have to consider and write the perspective of a sizable set of characters. Both ways of writing have their own unique elements that make them fun.

I also want more people to give a chance to read the first part of each series before I release a sequel, but this also means that fans of one particular series will have to wait longer for a sequel and I can see that this is not optimal. That’s why I plan to counteract this delay by polishing my writing skills so that I can release more light novels in a year, effectively reducing the waiting period for a sequel of each series.

But of course, I will not sacrifice quality for speed. I’m primarily writing for myself. I don’t try to please others as my primary goal. When I write something that I truly like, I’m certain that there will be others that enjoy it as well. That’s my approach of writing and I’d like to keep it that way. So I’m trying to speed up my release schedule and are only limited by the quality I can output.

My goal for now is to release my next light novel after three months. Writing takes by far the longest of all stages of making a light novel for me. If I look at the daily word count required, it doesn’t look that intimidating. If I write a thousand words per day, I have finished the manuscript in 50 days. And then I have one entire month left for editing and proofreading if I use 10 days for planing beforehand.

My goal for the future is to further up my daily word count. With two thousand words per day, I can half the writing stage to 25 days. If I manage to do that, I can release a sequel for each series in six months. I still think that about four months per sequel would be optimal, but the daily word count might be a bit too much. But that’s something I’ll see when I get there. At least when writing a sequel, a lot of time initially spent on thinking up an idea and expanding it will get cut since I already have the foundation. I just need to think about how the story will progress.

For all of these reasons, I’m now working on my third series. After I’m finished with that, I will write the sequel for Seeker and then cycle through the series in order. Of course, I will provide you with regular updates on my writing journey on Twitter once again. Also expect another blog post about the things I’ve learned and my writing journey with my next light novel close to release.

Thank you for reading this far! If I have piqued your interest in any of my works, you can find a list of them on my Amazon Author Central Page!